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[24 Sep 2010|07:07pm]
My version of the park-day with android_kitty_ , our crazy 80's themed day out, celebrating the last day on sun!
^_^ enjoy!

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One Year!...almost [24 Sep 2010|09:23pm]
time has flown by...I've gone through crazy phases of missing my old hair but still going strong with the dreads :) They'll actually be a year the first week of October but I'll be roadtripping cross country then so I'll post now, maybe when I'm back I'll put in the effort for a timeline. Still living in Yosemite, still loving it. I hope I'll have a job for the winter here after I get back from this month long road trip. I've never lived in a place with a real winter that snows.
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earthdance :) [24 Sep 2010|10:15pm]
so we found each other... 3 dreadheads... 3 different haircolors... and 3 allied signs of the chinese horoscope... rat, dragon and monkey.
can you guess who is who? :)
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and also in bonus... let's dance!
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and the best artist of all, mother nature... i may move to that place very soon <3
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