September 26th, 2010


 does anyone know where i could find a video on adding extensions? i'm not very good with looking at pictures.

my dreads have been a pain lately. they're so short i can't pull them back for work. i have to put 2 hairnets on to keep them back =/

part of me says to wait, but i feel like they're still going to shrink for a while longer.

a wispy trim

Hi friends! I've got wispy wisp ends that I quite like a lot, however, every day or two I have to take a comb and untangle many of the ones with very long ends...which, after a few years, has made them kind of ratty. It seems like most of my ends that are shorter do not tend to snarl up, and so, do not need the brushing. They have stayed nicer looking. Today, I trimmed up some of the longies, in hopes that they might behave as nicely as their shorter buddies. It's not like my wispies will grow back with dreads, so I hope I didn't just make a huge mistake... but I guess if it's the worst mistake I'll ever make, life's pretty good, eh? Anyway, this is my looking at my handful of trimmed ends, going "please don't be a mistake, ok?". Do any of you wispy-enders have an experience like mine? Also, now it is quite a bit more noticeable that my kids are diff lengths, which I thought I'd kind of hate, but it turns out I don't! Have a swell day my friends!