September 28th, 2010


Superwash merino (wool) as threadwrap

My dreads are 1 year this week! And me without a recent picture! Big post to follow soon. For now, just a quick question.

All you knotty knitters: has anyone used superwash wool yarn in a threadwrap? How'd it age? Pilling, eventual felting? I would actually love it if it'd felt into the dread a bit, but I have a feeling it'll just stay just as it is forever.

Domesticated Lady =P

Thought you guyses might like to see some homey photos of me in normal non-adventure mode. =P I made this recipe I invented this summer for Che the other night and he was blown away and named it "Mushroom Delicious" haha I'm making it again tonight because it is so freaking good, if I do say so myself. =P It's Portobello mushrooms simmered in this amazing soy sauce substitute I found (because I am allergic to soy) made from coconut sap called Coconut Aminos, green/ red peppers, lots of big chunks of onion, and white rice plus some spices and such. Mmmmmmmmsofreakinggood.

Also, on a dread related note, I am so in love with my dreads at this stage. I am almost upset to see them changing constantly, as they like to do. But not really because this is such an incredible and exciting journey/ progression and I absolutely love the path of organic chaos it's following. I really want to do some maintenance soon...well as soon as I can make plans with someone to help anyway. I have this adorable tiny tiny little dread forming on its own in the front of my head that I will show you all when I have a chance to take some more photos...for now: Collapse )

Peace and LOVE wonderful dreaded humans!
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