October 1st, 2010

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I haven't updated in such a long time!! My locks are 1yr and 6mo old. They are getting longer which is nice. The only problem I am havin I guess is sleeping. Sometimes those bigger locks hurt the back of me head..but thats all really I love dreads vury much:) A lot has happend for me recently. I got fired from a job I loved, finally got another job...then quit that job to spend more time with my new girlfriend lol U only live once RIGHT?!? I am very happy tho. proly the happiest i've ever been. Living with my wife these days and getting ready to go back to school for winter quarter. Went to barter fair last weekend and saw some beautiful dreadheads. Is anyone here going to the tonasket barter faire? anywho untuill next time..love n light
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