October 2nd, 2010

Come Armageddon come.

Life has been crazy.
School has been hard, and a lot to take, but I'm still breathing.
I broke up with my long time boyfriend Larry. It was my idea, and he's probably more hurt than I am.
I adopted a kitten and my dad kicked me out of the house over it, even though I paid for everything it needed, was going to continue to pay for everything it needed, and be completely responsible for it and have it reside in my room. Whatever, though, I found a safe place for me and Clover, the kitten, for the mean time.
I GOT MY FIRST TATTOO! And for free.. it has a couple imperfections, but nothing I couldn't get fixed up when I have the money (but first I need a damn job). I want to get it colored eventually, too!

With all this constant change circling me, lately I've been considering to add to it and chop off my locks. Larry was my maintenance guy, cause he was so devoted to my hair. I'm lazy and sometimes I just think that short hair would be good for me.
But then again, I'm so attached to my locks, having them for almost a year and two months now.
I'm not going to do anything impulsive. Whatever decision I decide to make I want to make sure I'm 100% happy with it.

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Smitten with Kitten

One of the kittens I am fostering wouldn't stop crying, so I put it in my mouth. It stopped. It was also the first time I ever put my dreads in a super high pony. Cute, but it makes my neck sore. Stay free, kids!
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Three months (and 2 days) since I started my dreadie journey.

This week has been an interesting one. My husband (because he loves me so) bought tickets for and attended with me a Hanson concert on Tuesday. I've loved them my whole life, and they've always been anti-popular with the "cool" music fans, so finally getting to see them live after 13 years of fandom was fantastic. The show was excellent.

Thursday I was called in to a temp job (called at about 11:45, and had to be there in an hour, lol) which will last until at least Monday but probably Tuesday. It's a very simplistic job of assembling and collating newsletters (which we had to unfold before we did so) and it's very monotonous but I'm getting paid. However, the repetitive motion of reaching and flipping created extreme pain in my shoulders, because I'm so out of shape I'm liquid.

I'm still looking into various job opportunities, but the market bites like murder here (and I guess everywhere; I've seen other dreadies post about job disappointment) so we'll see how that goes.

I don't have good pics of them, but I'm developing some fatties on the back of my head. I don't necessarily want them to be that fat, but apparently I'm not doing anything about it, either (shrug). Que sera, sera.

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Stay well and have a wonderful weekend, all.
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party time!

we had a party at my house! my photographer friend took some pictures. my hairs are pretty much exactly 9 months old. pictures will get bigger if you click on them.

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