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Feels like I haven't posted in a while! [04 Oct 2010|04:08am]
 Well, all I really have are some recent photos that I've taken with my laptop. My school gave me a free Macbook Pro for being a senior, which is pretty cool, only thing is, I'm not really used to it yet. Always been a PC kinda person. But I can use the camera pretty well! =D

Here's some pictures from the first month of my senior year at school! 

They're a month short of two years, btw. Collapse )
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Just two [04 Oct 2010|03:51pm]
Campfire and stoop standingCollapse )
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[04 Oct 2010|09:20pm]
just been readin back thru the entries; lovin everyones dread pics :)

here's mine bein flung about after a few drinks..

and i just did somethin really random & cool! i chopped off loads of loose bits of hair, then got it all together ready to put in the bin but rolled it all together and made an amazingly tight dread with it! so added it to the end of a shorter dread :) looks cool! x
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