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Three months! [06 Oct 2010|02:00am]
Between homework and the gym, I forgot to post when my dreads hit three months (a few days ago).
Never mind me lookin' all raggedy...Collapse )

Also, I'm going to be adding human hair dread extensions to the ends in about a month (using a tutorial I found on GUDU, of course). My boyfriend has really long, super thick, beautiful hair that he wants to get rid of, so I've dyed it to match my dreads, and am starting to backcomb and crochet them. Does anybody have any experience with bonding curly-hair dreads to straight-hair dreads? Because my hair is about as straight as it gets, and Gavin's is coarse and wavy. Might I get a shape change where they meet? I don't mind, I'm just curious.
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Bang bang [06 Oct 2010|04:43pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hand over all your chocolate, or else Clover gets it!

*no kittens were harmed in the taking of this picture

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[06 Oct 2010|05:37pm]
anyone near chicago that can help me with some dreadlock reconstructive surgery?? i'd be willing to travel/meet up
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