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[11 Oct 2010|08:33am]
I really need some maintenance on my dreads, hopefully before the holidays. Is there anyone in Portland, OR that would be willing to help out, or knows anyone that would? A google search yielded a couple of salons but I am hesitant about that without knowing someone that's gone there before...
sorry about the lame no-picture post.
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11 months and a new tattoo! [11 Oct 2010|07:26pm]
My dreads hit 11 months on the 5th, they're in the process of being extended so they look a bit lopsided now.
I also just got a delightful new tattoo, it's the yellow bird that I've been waiting for!

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Evening!! [11 Oct 2010|09:03pm]
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Got together some pictures form the last 6 months or so from some classes and some advenchures. kinda picchure heavy!


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Any advice to spare?.... [11 Oct 2010|10:44pm]
So I do a lot of theater, and for my shows I wear various wigs and such for different roles. I have noticed that when wearing a wig I am treated much differently and viewed much differently by most people. Free drinks, people are nicer, say that I am prettier, and while scoring free drinks is not one of the primary goals I have in life,( I have a partner whom I adore endlessly,) I am beginning to question whether I look better in dreadlocks or with regular, brushable hair. I know that the way that I feel in dreadlocks has little to do with the aesthetic and more with the way that they make me feel in general, but I am asking on a PURELY AESTHETIC level....which do you think looks better? Mind you that I think both look fine per say, but I would love some dreadhead advice.......
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