October 13th, 2010

tank smoke

seven months of progress

I started my dreads late march / early april of this year. I recently
got internet at home back, so this is my first post here.
I had been lurking the memories using the library for a
while, however. I decided to dread becauseeee

    • my hair was always knotting up anyway
    • I was often to lazy to brush it
    • dreads look good
    • dreads look more natural to me
    • my hair is thin and I felt it would give it more body
    • I thought it would be nice when they  grow older
    • I can put beads and things in them and dye each one a different colour
    • I thought it would help me to grow my hair longer than unknotted due to breakage
    • I can so totally flail my head and whack my toddler with them.
Either that or I have been listening to entirely too much reggae
and it does something to your brain via seeping into your skin
and making you happy and wanting to get down to the nitty
gritty and feel more natural and simplistic?! Well, that's wot
a friend suggested happened, anyway. Whatever reason
won me, I am absolutely in love with my knots and loops.
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congrats all!
loish jelly

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i've been really negligent about taking photos of my hair lately (so much for promising myself monthly photos for future reminiscence), but here's a few taken in justinpants 's new place last week-ish. i'm fairly pleased with the chaos on my head as of late. i do believe i am successfully rocking every shade of blonde & brown at the moment, with some red for good measure.

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i recently bought some SFX hot lava from crashbangboom off south street (philly). currently debating dying my whole head an alarming shade of fabulous candy red. the slink chick at the counter tells me it fades to the most glorious orange afterwards too, which sounds boss. i haven't had leeluu hair since highschool :D

photos to come of red hair, this weekend (mayhaps) & halloween. oh october, how i love thee <3
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