October 14th, 2010

carmen miranda

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Hey beautiful people! This is my blog.
The cat's out of the bag! My utterly hilarious title photo shows off my locks (about two and a half months old) and a huge shelf mushroom that I took a photo of a few streets over from me! Check it out!

I posted the other day about your blogs, but later I realized it sounds like I was asking if you kept blogs about your dreads, which would probably be boring to read. ;)

Lotsa love!

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3 Months and loving every moment with them. Heading into North Georgia for a 5 day road trip, does anyone living around this area of frequent flyers here know of any good places to visit. Want to do the mountains and such. I'll be coming from Florida. Thank you so much.


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Hi GUDU. My crazy life is finally starting to settle down, and it feels, as Tony the tiger would put it, GRRRRREAT! I hope everyone else is doing good and staying knotty! ;)

I'm single as of right now, just going to take some time for ME. I have a feeling my long time lover Larry and I will get back together, just because it's hard to see myself with anyone else. I really have to say, I think he's my soulmate. I truly do. :)
I also got my tat touched up (it faded A LOT and looked like a really, really old tat..) and colored in. I got it done professionally this time. Lesson learned, never trust a free tat, unless you really know the person.
My dreads are finally starting to grow. People have been noticing and telling me so, and I can feel and see the fact they're getting longer. Life just looks so dang great right now. I like the road I'm heading down. :D

my improved lucky charm
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I've been considering dying one (or maybe more.. I'm not sure) dread(s) orange, or a reddish color. I'm hesitant about this, because after years of hating my hair color and dying my hair to hide it, my dreads helped me appreciate it. I just thought think some dye would add "spice" to my hairrrr. Any opinions?
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