October 15th, 2010

  • anabrie


There's only one entry on flat dreads in the memories. I'm not trying to ask a dumb question, so pardon me if it's really a no-brainer.

Basically the comments say, if you want your dreads round, to squish and palmroll the flat dreads back into shape, especially during showering/while wet. This of course is if the sectioning isn't too flat to begin with.

I just can't get to the ones in the back, which of course is where my head lies when I sleep (though I fall asleep on my stomach, I figure I do a lot of tossing and turning). I've started to comb out one, and will do more when I wash. This will be so I can divide the flat dreads in half and hopefully rule out a flat section job. My question is mostly about how those of you with shorter dreads deal with palmrolling. Even when divided I'll still be unable to reach those in the back decently. The angle doesn't allow for very good leverage(?) or force to palmroll.

So who has a partner who helps with the palmrolling, or who has a great technique or tip on self-palmrolling the back?

Again, if this is a question so often hashed over that no one wants to talk about it, give me a polite heads-up and I'll remove it. But I also feel that more detailed info will be helpful for me, and if placed in the mems, future dread nooblets.

No pictures yet -- I plan on posting again this weekend with a photo update.