October 16th, 2010

  • lishd

2009 pics redux

so gorthok & i just got back from maui! you'll see that post soon, but for now i have pics from our big island trip last year. i had posted most of them soon after we returned, but never got around to editing down the snorkeling shots. i've finally finished that, & updated my lj post appropriately. here's a copy of those, & feel free to click over if you missed the text of last year's trip.

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high :)

hello gudu. took some time from the interweb due to our house burning down in july and now were getting our feet on the ground running again so i thought i'd post. im due for a little 'quality' time with my hair. smoke damage + dreads = one nasty shower. Collapse )

Home-made Ravioli!

Last weekend my friend who lived in Italy for a few months taught me how to make ravioli! Surprisingly simple, and loads of fun as a group activity.

This is me stuffing them! 

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As for the dreadies...
Well, on an unplanned little spree of scissor-happiness, I chopped myself some bangs with kitchen shears. They don't look bad, but they're quite a pain since I cut them too short (aka they don't tuck behind my ears!).

But as we all know, hair grows, and hair can change! May end up dreading them soon, but all is well on this dread head at the moment!