October 17th, 2010

  • leahxvx

Hey all, just a question.

I checked the memories & I need some halloween help! My costume involves a wig, and I understand that I am going to need a wig cap or two to hide the dreads.. but how do y'all who wear wigs arrange your hair under there to hide them? My dreads are past my shoulders, and I'm having trouble finding a way that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing a helmet. Any ideas?
  • felina

sweet warm cookie autumn

photo by Vladimir March

just decided to share a few pics of my boyfriend and me, enjoying this autumn. the weather is getting cold here in Moscow, but our dreadlocks always keep us warm))) my locks are about 4 years now. they are like a part of a body, a part of me. when I see my old pics with normal hair, its like seeing someone unfamiliar, like the girl on the photo is somebody else and absolutely not me. I would like to thank my dreads for giving me my personality)) and my boyfriend for making me the happiest girl ever)

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went to halloween hootenanny last night. i was super scared because i was right in the front and was positive someone was going to squash me. and my horror was confirm halfway thru zombie's set when a rather large man and his friends slammed me from behind into the people in front of me. pain aside, it was awesome!

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