October 18th, 2010

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Beautiful Dreadie Bride (me!)


Hey guys! My dearest love and I got married October 8! Here's some pictures of how I did my hair. My dress is a pre-1970's vintage dress from British Columbia via Etsy.com. Thanks again to Erikaerin on tidying up my dreads! The next day, all my friends and dad, went hiking at Nobelview in Russell MA.Collapse )
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MMM--Tastes like Random!

1): Head wrap tutorials

dyermakersmile recently asked about beads and accessories, and that piqued my interest. There were several links in the memories about tutorials, but one with pictures had expired, and while others were great, I only saw one or two styles. So I went perusing the interwebs for beads and scarves, and new (varied) tutorials.

This first one was linked in the memories (in a comment, along with some others), but it had some good instructions so I'm naming it again:

Tznius.com's Tying Tutorials (12 different styles; the website also has some very pretty scarves)

Obviously we're not all Jewish, but I think the styles shown in the next two videos are very nice, especially for a dressy occasion (work, evening) and for those who want to be a bit girlier. If not, I'm fine with a bandanna (some tutorials on this YouTube site for that as well which may be helpful or no-brainer. I was kinda in-between.) CoverYourHair also has some nice scarves.

Video Tutorial -- of the dozen+ vids listed, I found this one most helpful (for visual aid).

Image Tutorial -- step-by-step instructions with photos instead of video. Also useful if you dislike the first woman's voice; this is a guy :)

2): Shameless dreadie-friend promo

nelsonpants and I met through LiveJournal during my senior year of high school (if I remember right). He lived in Little Rock and knew more about the local music scene (it was about this time that Evanescence blew up, and they're from LR) and we talked about Ev's music and other similar tastes we had, including clothing style and music.

Last week he posted some pics on Twitter of his new clothing style (getting away from "ridiculously baggy/wide jeans + shirts 2 sizes 2 large") and I was shocked to see how long his dreads have gotten. He's had this set since January 2002 (his first set was in Fall 2001; cut for damage and to create this set) and while the last (and only) time I saw them in person was in 2004ish (I think?), I still am boggled by the length he's got now.

Collapse )

3): Collapse )

That was from Oct 8th -- washed them again this past Saturday and liked the feeling of pulling them apart, and they were nice and clean. But I didn't do pictures cuz I didn't.. Hope you're all having an excellent start to your week!

[Edited: picture size--personal preference]
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