October 19th, 2010

Question: Natural dreads and hairdye

Hey there... it's me again:

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With a full head of dreads, which then turned into a dreadhawk, which then turned into this:

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Except now it's blue!!

I combed out my dreadhawk in the summer and I'm already aching for dreads again!!
I've decided to go the natural route this time around, rather than the combination of backcombing and r&t that produced my dreads last time.

Blue dye requires a lot of maintenance because it fades REALLY quickly. I bleach with toner and dye with SFX and this is still the case. From what I have read for natural methods and my experience with residue-free shampoos, I know that these strip color like nobody's business!! Currently, I'm doing no-poo and just water, but I know that the silky (not greasy) hair that I have now that's full of natural oils is not going to lock up like hair that's been rinced in baking soda frequently or washed with a non-residue poo.

So, I'm wondering if there is a way to preserve my color while encouraging some new baby dreads to form on my head!! Does anyone who dyes their hair of experience with this process? I'd like to be able to keep my blue without going grey in 3 days!! 


eons ago, being july, the lovely her_ashtray dreaded my hair, after months and months of letting it grooow, which wasn't very long to begin with, and 3 days later, we set sail from Phoenix, to the Puget Sound.

So it's been three months, and I am terrible at documenting my hair, her_ashtray keeps saying she's going to take pictures of these weird tentacles, but nevertheless, doesn't. >:p 


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and I bet you, they'll be blond in the next month.
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Autumn hair! :D

My locks turned 2 months on the first, but this month has been crazy busy so far so I haven't posted about it yet. I *did* take some photos from then though, so now I have ones from the 1st and ones from the middle of this month. :D

And here's my new Autumn Hair! The back is still black, but the front is made up of 5 colors and was inspired by some of the leaves turning outside. :)

In this pic, I'm on my way to see X Japan at the Paramount in Seattle (a good friend won 2 tix from SakuraCon, so we were in the 7th row! It was so awesome. I'm *still* giddy about it, lol)! I work from home, so when I get a reason besides errands to leave the house, I like to get all fancied up. :D I put my hair in high pigtails (with soft velvet scrunchies), and then tied them together at the top and tucked in locks and made some stand up.

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Most of them are now locked up (they feel like felted wool) 3-5" starting from about 1-2" from the scalp. The little one in the front that I usually wear my spiral wrap on is locked all the way down to the bottom of where the spiral ends. The ends vary from completely brushable (but I don't) to just starting to come together, and there are a few pieces that broke away from the rest and are totally lose. I can totally see now why it'd be harder to start a set with short hair. I also find it amusing that I started with 47 locks, and now I have 57 (plus loose ones). :D

Also, I hope this is ok to post here.
I'm a professional portrait artist, and for a while, I'll be whoring myself out, er, um working for peanuts, I mean offering my services for a fraction of my normal fees to help me get permanent teeth.

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4 months!

In a few days my dreads will be 4 months old. I am loving them more each day. There are a lot of loops but that's to be expected I guess. There are also a few that are pretty much perfect if you ask me.

Here are some pics...

Excuse the dopey look. lol

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hey gudu,
quick update to say i'm still alive, if ya even remember me! ha! most of my dreads are approachin a year old- my wee naturally formed babies have gone and grown up! i have three 3yr old dreads left now that i've cut out a few of the longer ones, which seemed the way to go after making some huge life changin choices and shifting my life 1000kms to a new state. things are rockin along and life is amazing and the weather's getting warmer. i'm workin alot and that's interesting after not really ever doing that. my computer is dead because i chuck tantrums sometimes, otherwise i'd bombard you with photos of my dreamlife..so guess it's kind of a win situation for you guys! :P

sorry about terrible quality photobooth pics-
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that's about it, hope all y'all are fairing well and taking care and living the good life.
esh x.