October 21st, 2010

Good morning GUDU

It's late (or very early, depends on how you look at it). My chinchillas woke me up at 3, and I've been up since. Late night/early morning boredom got me into taking a picture of my recently done tattoo, and I accidentally got some great shots of my dreads! I never really get to admire the back of my head, because, well, I just can't see it half the time!

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I hope everyone has a lovely dreaded day! I know a nap is in my near future, probably after class. MmmmmmZzzzZzzz
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hawaii 2.0 vacation pics

much like last year, here's an xpost of pics from gorthok's & my vacation to maui this month. for those who enjoy text, the full write-up is here, but i will copy this gudu-related bit of text:

in the middle of our meal, we were approached by an older gentleman leaving with his wife - he came up to tell us he overheard joe & me talking to each other, & that we broke down his stereotypes today by being so happy & interesting. awesome.

we fielded a LOT of dreads questions while on the island - far more on maui than we were asked on the big island. anyhow, Collapse )
batshit insane.

just one...


..I'm procrasti-writing a paper for my information retrieval class. I don't feel like evaluating precision and recall in search queries using stemming, Boolean operators, and stop words on the internets right now.

otherwise, I'm well. there's been lots of bad stuff for me in 2010, and I can't wait till the year is over. hope all of you are well, and faring much, much better than I :)
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