October 24th, 2010

  • anabrie


I enjoy computer games a lot. MMOs, FPS, casual/puzzle games... I dig 'em. For the past few months I've been playing Minecraft, which is a stupid ridiculously simple addictive game. I even gave my avatar crappy pixelated dreads.

There's nothing really important about all that, except that currently the server I was playing on has aborted me, and I got bored, then remembered I had some photos on my phone and camera to upload. Just a few, nothing fancy, but I've come to terms with my fatties, and while the photos don't show off the texture so well, I can feel all the intricate little loops and knots and I adore them.

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I'm excited for Halloween mostly because AMC will be premiering an original series (The Walking Dead) based on the comic of the same title. Andrew's read the entire thing and loves it, because of zombies sure but mainly the storyline. The sneak peek we got really intrigued me, so yeah. Also, Minecraft gets a super update, but that's only important to me. You guys might actually dig the AMC show ;P

Have a good week all -- enjoy Autumn!
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