October 25th, 2010


101 days of natural dreads!

I definitely have some recognizable dreads now! I think I have around a dozen or so real dreads. I backcombed one in (you can kinda see it, it's the one sticking straight up at the front top of the orange section, with a blunted tip), but I really, really don't like the look or feel of it nearly as much as the dreads that have formed by themselves--so as much as my impatience is beginning to get to me, I'm gonna keep letting my hair do its own thing.

My biggest frustration thus far has been that only the top back of my head and the orange section have been dreading, but I've found a couple dreads in the left side of my hair, the brown stuff I was beginning to think wasn't going to do anything without some help.

About a week ago, a woman came into the store I work at and actually asked me if I was doing dreadlocks. SCORE, someone actually RECOGNIZED what my hair is doing!! She said she used to have dreadlocks down past her butt, but got rid of them when she had her kid. Others have given me shit about it--comments about letting the cats play in my hair too much, or making fun of me for looking like I just rolled out of bed (which is usually true when people say it, I'm on a flipped sleep schedule because my work shift is 6pm-1am, so I sleep through the day and usually wake up around 5pm). I know my boss' mom thinks I look awful, but she's nice enough about it anyway. Really, no one's been rude, which was one of my biggest concerns before I started letting my hair go. And my boss' mom has been pretty cool about it when I explain the difference between her idea of dreads (started with food products, never washed, etc) and the reality of my dreads, and many other people's dreads.

Anyhoo, that's enough text, have a couple more photos:

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Hey friends,
I'm still unprepared for Halloween, so I wanted some advice.
At first I wanted to be a Voodoo priestess (bones in my dreads with a beat up dark Venetian corset/dress) and then Marie Antoinette (imagine huge dread up-do and a fancy rented dress!).

Now that it's just around the corner, I don't feel like buying a costume and I certainly don't have time to go looking.
Then, I remembered this one time from over a year and a half ago. I had used several different colors of Crayola markers and taken them to a dread of mine. The colors turned out very vibrant and didn't seem to rub off on my skin or clothes. I jumped in the pool later that night and when I got out, I realized that the marker had all washed out without me even trying to remove it.
I got to thinking that I could probably make a rad rag doll! I'd take a bright red marker to each one of my dreads (though I do realize it would take forever). Then I would buy some red yarn and randomly tie it onto each dread in several different places and let the tails of yarn hang down loosely at different lengths.
Back when I put the marker in my hair, my dreads were only around 6 months old. Now their 2-year dreadiversary is in April. Has anyone had any problems with washable marker in their hair? Do you think it would weaken my dreads or change the color permanently? (My dreads don't have any unusual breakage). Is this a bad idea for any reasons?
Also, any ideas for the costume? I was thinking of using my Alice in Wonderland skirt and trying to find a cute red or white or polka-dotted corset. I would love ideas, though! I know how to sew, but I'd like something easy. For socks, I was thinking long red and white thigh-highs. (Kinda feeding off the google results for 'rag doll costume', but I'd love some more original or alternative ideas).
Please help me out!
Thanks (:

EDIT (10:37pm): Anyone in favor of Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas instead of the rag doll, and does anyone have any easy costume ideas for that?