October 28th, 2010

  • jeblue

Shiny new baby dreadies!!!

So, I finally decided to dread up again. My last set I had for a little shy of a year, but I had an undercut and I had made them way too thick. They just really didn't suit me well at all I thought. I waited for my undercut to grow out, as well as waiting for my pregnancy hair to completely shed out first. (old set pictured in userpic)

My "friend" was supposed to help me section and reach a few in the back on this set, but I got completely blown off even though I had spent almost 8 hours on her head in the past, wuteva though! I am actually glad I did them myself. I bribed my mother with some a little cash to section my head for me though, as it turns out I am pretty sectionally challenged!! I went for skinny/medium size this time.

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It took two days on and off, and I ended up having whiplash and a sore head but I am happy!!
So excited! Mostly excited about not having to brush my hair anymore to look "presentable", i hate it!! Also, pretty excited for halloween...taking my son out on his first trick-or-treating, he's going to be a lion..(guess i kind of am too ha)...then later going as a dready-kitty to a bonfire...what are you all doing?

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