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I <3 Halloween [02 Nov 2010|01:41pm]
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some halloween costumes [02 Nov 2010|02:23pm]
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now for my halloween post [02 Nov 2010|03:28pm]
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since everyone else has been posting their costume pics, i figure i may as well too.
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[02 Nov 2010|05:16pm]
This has been my favorite Halloween EVAR. And everyone's post have been so full of win. I really wanted to be a predator, but put off my costume-making and didn't get around to it in time. Sooo, I was a Beatnik for a party on friday...

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mayhem & foolishness [02 Nov 2010|07:32pm]

justinpants /his roommates threw a halloween party on mischief night. we actually didn't know 90% of the people who showed up, but it had a big turn-out & was quite fun nonetheless.

justin is only into costumes that require little-to-no effort on his part, & is partial to masks. he's the skeleton.
i'm into making costumes from whatever is already in my closet, with the occasional addition of thrift shop finds.
i was the queen of hearts at the tea party. or i was valentine's day. either works.

there's an absurd number of pictures, so i'm only going to post the most dread-relevant or otherwise noteworthy ones (which is still a ridiculous amount). this is not a dial-up friendly post. prepare for a totally gratuitous photo dump!

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[02 Nov 2010|09:26pm]
Hello! I had a month and a half of haunting, every year I work at a haunted house!
here are just some of the photos from the past six weeks!

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Halloween - Voodoo Cannibal [02 Nov 2010|11:00pm]
*waves arms*

Yep. Half nekkid dreadlocked and covered in skulls. Oh yeah.

We had a massive party at my house and well, everyone turned up and dressed up (outfits included, Zombie Margeret Thatcher, Pop Art, Coraline, A dead Sailor, The Joker from Dark Knight, Cannibal, a Mummy and a *wait for it* Viking Tribal Nazi Space Hunter.) and it was amazing. We invaded a folk gig and a deserted small club later that night, but hell, here's some pics of me twatting about all over Bridlington, UK on Haloween.

Minor NSFW due to cleave and bewbs, great costumes though!Collapse )
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