November 2nd, 2010


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This has been my favorite Halloween EVAR. And everyone's post have been so full of win. I really wanted to be a predator, but put off my costume-making and didn't get around to it in time. Sooo, I was a Beatnik for a party on friday...

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mayhem & foolishness

justinpants /his roommates threw a halloween party on mischief night. we actually didn't know 90% of the people who showed up, but it had a big turn-out & was quite fun nonetheless.

justin is only into costumes that require little-to-no effort on his part, & is partial to masks. he's the skeleton.
i'm into making costumes from whatever is already in my closet, with the occasional addition of thrift shop finds.
i was the queen of hearts at the tea party. or i was valentine's day. either works.

there's an absurd number of pictures, so i'm only going to post the most dread-relevant or otherwise noteworthy ones (which is still a ridiculous amount). this is not a dial-up friendly post. prepare for a totally gratuitous photo dump!

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Halloween - Voodoo Cannibal

*waves arms*

Yep. Half nekkid dreadlocked and covered in skulls. Oh yeah.

We had a massive party at my house and well, everyone turned up and dressed up (outfits included, Zombie Margeret Thatcher, Pop Art, Coraline, A dead Sailor, The Joker from Dark Knight, Cannibal, a Mummy and a *wait for it* Viking Tribal Nazi Space Hunter.) and it was amazing. We invaded a folk gig and a deserted small club later that night, but hell, here's some pics of me twatting about all over Bridlington, UK on Haloween.

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