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(sorry) naked dread pics from the rainbow gathering (take II) [04 Nov 2010|11:40pm]
okay, well, I didn't mean to post something that wasn't okay. I did make a huge effort when posing for those photos that no "rude bits" would be visible (as in, covered up as much as a skimpy bikini would be), but oh well. then I couldn't work out how to edit the post - clicking on the "edit" button just got me to a blank page that I coudn't type anything into. :/
perhaps I'll try again.

I just got back from being a month away at the Australian National Rainbow Family Gathering (yay!)
someone snapped a couple of pics of me emerging from the spring after I'd just washed my hair (awesome to wash dreads in fresh national park spring water mmmmmm)
*note* apparently despite my best efforts, these are NSFW photos, so I'm just posting the links rather than the photos themselves

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