November 5th, 2010

You're lost little girl..

My Halloween weekend was very, very lame. All my plans went to shit, and I ended up getting kicked out of my house again. It seems I cannot live happily under my dad's roof. So I never got to dress up, so there's no costume pictures here.. (I did spend $60 on a costume.. seems like such a waste, but there's always next year!) I'm living with my ex Josh for the mean time. I honestly more than anything wish I had a girl friend I could crash with, but sadly none of my chick friends have places of their own, or space for me and Clover. I get so tired being around guys all the time.

I'm contemplating cutting off my dreads again. All the chaos and loose hairs just make me feel so anxious when there's chaos in my life. I think I miss the undreadedness for the control I can have over my hair, especially when I have no control over my life. I never like to do anything on a whim, so my dreads are here to stay.. for now.

I went camping in Joshua Tree with Joshua (seems fitting, right?) for a couple days to get away from life and all its stresses. I forgot how beautiful the desert can be, and I already can't wait to go back.

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Another GUY friend told me he'd fly me out to PA to get away some more. I just might have to take him up on that offer, especially since I dropped out of school and I'm not working. I guess we'll see where life takes me and these dreadies of mine...

Peace & love GUDU.
~Irie Feather
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1 year

I just realized today is my one-year anniversary! I started my dreads right before getting together with some friends of mine to form an urban farming collective, and as my dreads have matured so has our organization. Also, that's why a lot of my pictures involve plants and.. planting things. :P

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Yep, a year happened annnd they are almost where I wan them to be. Yay! I sure wish I had a more super-awesome current picture of my dreads but unfortunately I do not. :(