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Henna photos [07 Nov 2010|12:37pm]
I am sure that plenty of you guys have noticed that I really like experimenting with henna on my dreads.
Anyway I am pretty happy currently as I managed to achieve the colour I'd been chasing for a long time - a deep red with very little in the way of orange tones.
Photos, details of what I used and more rambling on using henna with dreads behind the cut.
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Birthday dreads [07 Nov 2010|07:16pm]
IM 26!!!

So I turned 26. I've had 6 hours of sleep and 150 mile drive in this one. I feel every day my age here lol! My dreads are just getting way too long.

Fagburger and sparklers - well I was born on November 5th....Collapse )
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[07 Nov 2010|10:01pm]
 Hello again, I posted a little while ago about my one year update, but I've just made a new video thingy. I'm so awkward talking to a computer.

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