November 8th, 2010

Dreadlock pillow.....

I'm glad someone finds my dreads comfy to sleep on! I'm slowly getting used to them being longer, hopefully I'll get used to the uncomfortable nights sleeping.....soon? My hubby caught this picture of us snoozing on the sofa, we're looking after our mums dog Barney for the weekend : )


And in case anyone missed it, I'm giving away 3 bundles of hats! All the details can be found here, the winners are announced this weekend!

Hail Sagan

Hi friends! Happy Carl Sagan day! I went to a lecture series on Saturday with James Randi (Holyshitjamesrani!)and met the guy who makes these videos: I know there are more than a few Lab Rats on this here site, so I thought some of you would like to geek out over how beautiful science is :)
This is either my best monkey face, or me getting ready to say "Billion and Billions..."


Octoberishness, It's just the beginning...

The month of October was absolutely amazing in so many ways and there are just far to many photos to get them all together in a timely fashion. =P Hopefully, I'll be able to post Florida photos soon and then I'll tell all about that trip. =D For now, here are some photos that the magnificent Che Arrajj took of my friend Emilie and I at and around this incredible castle/nunnery that we like to sneak into and a few other random ones...

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Hello sexy GUDU members. Just a little FYI: I love you. I stalk you all every day. Out of love.

Also: Just some random thoughts here.

My dreads are almost long enough to put into a ponytail. By that I mean that my natural dreads are almost long enough. I'm real tired of these extensions. They don't just feel right. People compliment my dreads and I feel like I can't even say thanks, because they aren't my real hair. I also get bothered with how perfect the extensions are. I love textured dreads and they lack that. Does anyone with extensions feel the same?

I've also been thinking about a 2nd set. I never used wax or any product in my hair. But I did go to a salon and get them done in July of '09. I really wasn't a fan of the fluffy headed stage. So maybe I'll wait it out. Has anyone had similar experience with wanting a 2nd set? I've already combed out 2 and combined them. I may just do that with a few more. :)

On a side note, not really dread related.. We finally adopted a puppy. Now.. She's not the great dane we plan on getting.. Living in an apartment says no to that. But she is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi and cute as hell. Sorta picture heavy.

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