November 9th, 2010

pray for nothing

Dread Maintenance By Lish

I have to start by saying Lish is a freaking Goddess! If you need dread work done, fly yo ass to Seattle, it is well worth it. She was really accommodating. We watched three movies while she messed with my head, she has a killer selection of movies. She was very aware that she could have been hurting my head, and kept checking in on my pain tolerance. I was fine, didn't hurt at all actually.

One more thing to tell you about Lish, she really does have a leaf face. Why do you think she crops out her face all the time? It is distracting at first, but if you keep an open mind, you will barley notice after a while.

So here are a few before pics. I had a really poofy head, lots of stray hairs and terrible separation. You couldn't really see my scalp much.


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how skinny is too skinny

Don't know if you guys remember me, but i got rid of my dreads last feb due to mould/bad smells/bad sectioning and over all feeling quite lack lustre about them in general.
well it's been 9 mths and i feel ready for a new set, i've gone through a lot in the last year, new job, tumor removed, sinus surgery and last but least tonsils out. I've spent a lot of time thinking how much i actually enjoyed having dreads so feel i am ready for my second set.
Question is i want my dreads to be a hell of a lot skinnier than my last set, but i'm worried about maintenance and breakage, so how thin/skinny is too skinny??

and on to the good news... i start dreading hubbys hair tomorrow so we can both go on our journey together :)