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Blunt tips! [11 Nov 2010|12:51am]
Hello all! I hope everyone is successfully recovered from Halloween by now. I am, but i'll be spending this weekend at Bear Creek Music Festival in Live Oak, FL and hopefully I will have pictures to post from that. Anyways, I decided to blunt the tips of my dreadies last night. My hair got so much shorter. They'll be 8 months next tuesday :)

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2 week old babies, and hey! [11 Nov 2010|02:46am]
Hey, everyone. Just found this comm thanks to spotlight and I'm loving reading through everyone's stories, advice and pictures! I had my hair dreaded for the first time about two weeks ago for the first time and I didn't even think to check out LJ for a comm. Anyhow, pictures...

2 week old baby dreadsCollapse )

The ones on the underneath at the back are shorter and thicker and the ones on top are thinner and longer. I'm not naturally blonde so the roots are showing through which personally I love. And I've twisted half of the back set by taking two dreads, twisting them both one way, them twisting them together the other way and knotting the ends together to hold them more permanently. I don't know whether I'm going to keep the twists in or not...any opinions?

Apologies for the weird smile, I can't take posed pictures - I FAIL.

I am really really loving this community, and I can see myself hanging out here a lot, you guys are all so awesome! ♥

 - Steph
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[11 Nov 2010|03:28am]
thisCollapse ) is one of my favourite ways to wear my dreads... and also you can see how i was dressed for halloween... not much different than other times, just darker :)
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Uh-oh! [11 Nov 2010|06:55pm]
Snip snip snip
Picture-heavy post. Very heavy.

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mod post - minor notes [11 Nov 2010|07:05pm]
spotlight has been good to us! i've had a bunch of new folks reading the info page & mailing me proper first entries, & my thanks out to all of you for jumping through that hoop. i've had much lower gudustress because of it.

however, we're getting shittons of spam, as expected. i don't want to disallow non-member comments, but i AM switching it to captcha them. hopefully that'll cut down the stupid. keep deleting & reporting the spambots; if it doesn't clear up, then i'll cut comments down to members only. gudu is still open membership, so that should be okay anyhow. (there shouldn't be any spam POSTS unless a spambot has been lurking in our clubhouse more than a few months, but do email me if you see anything like that.)

any mod issues, folks? dump 'em here if so.

edit: ok, so i got 2 spam comments in this post too. go captcha. okay, members only can comment.
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Two years. [11 Nov 2010|07:44pm]
 It's really hard to believe it's been that long. Have a timeline! 

Day one: 

And onward! (CAUTION... image heavyyy)Collapse )
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