November 15th, 2010

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It's Been Awhile...

Friday my roommates booked a show in our apartment. Despite following noise ordinances, neighbors called to complain twice and threatened to call cops. So we moved the show down the street to a building with accessible outdoor power outlets! Many dreads were photographed.
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Synthetic Perception.

 I've discussed this before with individuals with dreads, so I'm interested to
hear a wider perspective on it.

As a person with permanent dreads, how do you feel when you see someone wearing
synthetic temporary dreads?

Do you feel the dreaded look shouldn't be purely aesthetic? Or do you see them
as a separate entity to natural dreads, and thus each to their own?

I look forward to your responses, it's refreshing to come across
a community with some life in it!

dyed my dreads

I've been wanting to dye my hair for a while now. But I haven't had the time to be honest.

Last night I bleached a bunch of dreads (mostly on top and in the front) and my bangs. My dreads are 4 1/2 months now. :)

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I LOVE them! Though my mom called me this morning and asked, "You didn't really dye your hair all different colors did you?" Ofcourse mom!

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In my last post i wrote that i wanted to start a new set and go with skinny. I didn't go as skinny as i aimed but i'm pretty happy with the results.
the unfortunate thing with this set is i still have a bald patch at the back of my head, i tried quite a few combinations of sectioning and still can't get rid of it but i'll live.

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A positive and a negative.

Today while waiting for the bus, I had someone tell me that I had "the coolest hair ever" made me smile :)

Then, while walking home, some douche driving past me yelled out his car window "FUCKING SHOWER!" ha. idiot if he only knew, that dreads form in washed hair..not greasy hair.

just thought I'd share

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Body Image and Dreadhawk

I started my dreads five years ago with the intention of one day having a dreadhawk.

To be honest I wasn't going to go through with it. I'm fat and I didn't know if I could handle the extra attention from such a distinct look. My weight played a big part of why I took so long to go ahead with it. When I first got dreads my mindset was that I'd lose weight and eventually it would be the right time for the hawk. I did lose a good amount of weight for a while but my dreads were still too short and I wanted to grow them out. Then I got misdiagnosed with depression and started taking a lot of different medications, I gained back all my weight and much more over two years. The medication hit me really hard and there was a solid year of my life where I lay on my boyfriends apartment floor for days at a time. I didn't go out, I lost my job, my friends, and a lot of opportunities. Hell, I couldn't even form a sentence most times. I just sat there staring at walls for months.

I got pregnant and after my son was born my body retaliated and I gained even more weight. Finally I had to come to grips with the fact that my body wasn't going to look how I wanted it to look and if I was going to wait I'd be putting this off my whole life.

Now that it's done I'm very happy I went ahead and did it. It feels like I wasted so much time being down on myself and not really embracing everything this life offers. I have started living a much healthier lifestyle. I never ate horribly anyway but I gain weight no matter what. I've recently started looking into yoga, I go for hikes in the forest, and I'm very mindful of what I eat (vegetarian for 4 years going vegan). I've started participating in my Native American culture and I'm finding that it's opening a lot of doors (emotionally, spiritually and physically) for me. Getting a dreadhawk was the last thing I've wanted to do for this long and it feels like a huge step in the right direction. My body shape may never change despite my efforts and some people are always going to judge me based on it, but I can't let something like that hold me back ever again.


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The deadly side of dreads...

So I saw the post  from retro_tears  and it got me to thinking of this evening and my "down side" to dreads moment.

OK, maybe not down side more like DEADLY EXXXTREME side.

So I'm downstairs at work  and its getting dark pretty early these days.
I am looking at the snack machine tricking myself into a "healthy" alternative.
Yeah, I know better... don't you judge me dammit *gives stank-eye*
When suddenly, alone in the quiet room I feel somebody rubbing the back of my neck so softly. I can't believe this. Somebody could have come into the break room from the open garage. My life flashes before my eyes, mainly a combination of bad choices and scenes from Kevin Smith movies.
So, I turn and punch the shit out of the hot/cold sandwich machine next to me. I mean I went Michael Jai White on this machine.
Lets say that the machine will never think about being in the spot where I imagined an unseen assailant molesting my supple neck flesh...
I showed his metal and plexi-glass ass...

So yes, still getting used to the texture of my hair touching me like this I was, um, startled to say the least. Ive had similar moments with it going into my ear or at night in my eye.

Lastly, the security guard came in and asked if things were OK because, yeah, it was loud. I played it off like my Funyuns got stuck and I had to shake the machine.

So has anybody else had the "OMFG what is that ??!!!" moment from your own dreads?
Holiday - Pumpkin Pie!

Now in Red! :D

So the orange is gone. I went over the front with Cherry Bob-omb Bomb, but because parts of it were so orange and so light, it's not as cool toned as usual. I like it though.

My curly locks are 3 1/2 months old and lumpy, bumpy, chaotic, and wild. I love them so- except the back. The back is just weird and tries very hard to make me look like I'm balding. :P You can also see some of my itty bitty black bat hair snaps, and a couple of skulls peeking through. Yay for decoration! :D

There's still some green on my bangs, but it's hiding for now. I'm doing my roots and new wintry colors (pretty close to what I have now) around Thanksgiving, so I'll post that then (it'll be 4 months for my locks too!).

Also, 'cause I loves me some Yuletide holiday action. :D
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I promised to post more^) so here is one of my new pics, made by a beautiful dready girl Natalia.sometimes I feel some special understanding between dready pepole, like we have one common side of our creativeness. and thats great!

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I am Kim and I live in Holland.
I am absolutely fascinated about dreads and other stuff you can do with hair.
I've been thinking about a set of dreads for about 6 years now, and I'm trying not to cut my hair so I can have them in a year or so.
But i've been thinking about the disadvantages of dreads..

What do you think of the disadvantages or aren't there any?
And would they suit me? O_o

Just so you know who I am:

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