November 16th, 2010

Baby dreads

I started putting in dreads last night around 7:30-8:00PM, and finished around 1:30AM, as of right now I do not have pictures, sadly, when I finished they looked totally awesome.

But after sleeping on them they got their frizz on, heh. I know it's normal, and they need to tighten and stuff, but I'm still slightly concerned about my roots, I did R&T and I think I didn't tighten enough at the roots, part of this may contribute to me doing it alone, heh.
But I'll wait it out, in a couple months I bet they'll be tightening up and be looking great (well they look pretty awesome right now, but I just can't wait for them to tighten!).

I'm going shopping tomorrow to pick up some tea tree oil/other oils that various people in this community have suggested.
Sooo maybe within the week I'll have some pictures of my new baby dreads.

I'm so excited about finally getting dreads.
It's been at least four years since I first started talking about it :)

Thanks go to the lovely lishd for the quick approval :D
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