November 18th, 2010


Hey all!  just a quick question/query.. I did some (human hair) dread extensions on myself a month or two ago... I just tried bleaching my whole head today to achieve a really light blonde that I could get electric bananna over (I miss my yellow hair!!).  For some reason, the pieced that I extended with barely lightened.  They are only one or two shades lighter than the rest of my hair and for some reason turned a bit pinkier (they were an orangey blonde, and I used a blue tinted bleach, which also stained my dreads a bit..)  Anywho, it makes them look way more noticable, since their much darker than the rest of my hair that actually bleached properly.  Should I try doing them again?  They don't feel damaged from the bleach.. I'm starting to wonder if I have bought fake human hair?  Is this how kaneklon reacts when you try to bleach it?  Or is it possibly because it's just a different texture of hair that I'm not used to dealing with and it's gonna need a little more bleaching to lighten?  Anyone experience this at all.. ever? help? haha.

and so that it's not text only... here's a photo of me dancing to my friends band lemonbucket orchestra last week... they were a freaking blast.  I met a gorgeous dready girl there who had hers for 8 years, they were a bright fuchsia colour.

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Sailin' On

I went camping among the redwoods last weekend with Larry and my best friend/hooka/brotha from anotha motha Danny. We went to Pfeiffer Big Sur, and we had a BLAST. It was so beautiful and relaxing.. Just what I needed after a hellish weekend.

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So sorry for the overload of camping pictures.. I had no idea we took so many 'til we got home and I was uploading them all. The camping trip was a huge success, and I'm glad I got to be with my two favorite people.

I hope you dreaded lovelies enjoy all the pictures!

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I finally got some pictures, but I took them myself, and it's kinda hard to take pictures of the roots by myself since I can't see the top of my head, hurr hurr.
But, my big sister said she'd help me take some pictures tomorrow, so I should upload more soon, as in Sunday, cause I have to work the rest of the week. Sadly Saturday is included, pffft.

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