November 19th, 2010

fierce flawless


I wish I had more motivation and time to post more! Life has been crazy lately. I did create a new painting and I'm working on another one right now. I've decided to make all my Xmas/Yule presents this year. I'm way excited about it, but I really need to get to work on it because Xmas is creeping up on me quicker than is reasonable! =P Side note: I NEED NEW MUSIC! If any of you have a propensity toward the dupstep music genre, drop me some suggestions, I've been really getting into it but I'm picky and usually only like people's absolute favorites. Like this one which is just OMFG so good! Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek Dupstep Remix

The photos are from this incredible Halloween party I went to and performed fire dancing for with a friend. I ended up fire dancing all night and into the morning! LOVE when that happens. =D The party was the night before Halloween so on Halloween I got to go TRICK-OR-TREATING! Which even, though I try not to eat candy, is always a blast. Che and my brother came along to eat my candy for me. =P My mom was a Jehovah's Witness for 10 years of my life so I think I have like 3 years left of childhood trick-or-treating to make up for. No one can tell me I'm too old. I won't listen! =P This post is pretty photo heavy, just so you know...

I love the way my dreadies look in this one...

All photos are by the wonderful and amazing Che Arrajj! <3 Copyright 2010.
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fierce flawless

A Friend for my Face!

I LOVE body modification in all its crazy and not so crazy forms but have been biding my time to actually get anything myself for years. I still don't even have a tattoo. I FINALLY got a piercing. I have been pierced twice in my life before...both normal ear piercings and the last time was when I was eleven. I had NO idea what to expect and honestly I was freaked out. Having a complete stranger punch a hole in your face...really it doesn't sound very appealing to me. But I have wanted one for a long long time and finally did it on a whim one day a couple weeks ago...I really enjoy it =D

On a dread related note, I am SUCH a lazy dreadhead... I keep wanting to deep clean and I have all these awesome natural products I want to try out and I say I'm gonna and then guess what, I don't. Yep it's true, I usually fuck off instead and paint or whatnot. Someday, I will try out all these cool things I've found so I can report something dread related back to all you awesome peoples of love. Also, I am SO happy with my dreads right now. I'm starting to really notice a difference in length! I was considering chopping them off when my boyfriend and I broke up at the beginning of fall and I am SOOO glad that I didn't. Actually, I decided to get my piercing my opinion, Collapse )
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4.5 months-ish

I'm tired.

There have been some awesome posts of late, but then again, when aren't there awesome posts here? Always inspirational, uplifting, and invigorating. :)

Still job hunting. Just picked up an application yesterday; asked if they were hiring and he said, "Are you a high school student?" I was like, "...No." "Then yes, we're hiring. We have a lot of high school students." I'm hoping that works out; it's just a couple blocks from home and even if it's just min. wage, that's more than nothing!

The above is relevant only because it's why I'm wearing make-up in the later photos.

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Here's wishing all you dreadies a blessed and fantastic weekend. I for one am thrilled that Thanksgiving is next week, as it's my favorite holiday ever. If I could switch my birthday for another Thanksgiving, I'd totally do it.

ETA: Realized I haven't posted an entry since the beginning of November (hence the spotlight) so a bit official welcome to all the newcomers to GUDU! I know you're gonna love it here :)
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Hey all you gorgeous folks,

I have been completely MIA lately. Not just here, though... in the rest of my life too. Most friends and family are being out-right ignored as I frantically scramble to catch up on my work-load (I'm a freelance maker of the interwebs). It's been a really long month, and I'm not out of the woods yet. Another couple of weeks, though, and I should be able to return to life as normal. I. HOPE. D:

In the meantime, though, I wanted to share these couple of webcam shots I just took. Enjoy!

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Stay smokin' hot, GUDU! :D