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three! [22 Nov 2010|06:27pm]
my dreads turned three years old at the end of october; thought i might post a bit.

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[22 Nov 2010|06:46pm]
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what i've learned about dreads in the past four months and six days:

- the dreads around the ears need some tender loving care or they throw tantrums/unravel.
- fat dread get harder quicker than skinny ones
- crocheting > back combing in time, neatness and doesn't hurt my wrist
- dreads are so much warmer in the winter, i don't even need a hat

see you lovelies again in a few months with another update!
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Birthday Yoga Fun! [22 Nov 2010|07:05pm]
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I went to this incredible birthday party for my friend, Gina, the other night and thought I might share a few photos with you all! There was a full sushi buffet and Gina made me one of the best drinks I have ever had AND I was bad and ate gluten for a DELICIOUS red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, SO worth the pain! =P This incredible woman came with hula hoops and this great book full of acro-yoga. Her and I shared poses we knew and a bunch of people joined in...

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week old curls [22 Nov 2010|10:45pm]

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last week i did a set of pipe cleaner curls and had great results. this video still is from right after i took the pipe cleaners out. this time around i did one loc per pipe cleaner which made the curls really defined and tight. sadly, they started to fall almost immediately. i think they stayed tight only about 3 days. check after the jump to see what my curls look like this week!

1 week old pipe cleaner curlsCollapse )

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