December 1st, 2010

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Happy December..

I posted this on my tumblr with the caption "that's why my hair is so big.. it's full of secrets!" and it got 250+ likes/reblogs.. which is a lot for anything I post. Especially for a picture of my hair. Anyway!

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random photo

i was walking through pikes place market and was approached by a photographer working on a project called "100 strangers." he asked to take my photo and we had a chat about dreads, including the fact that he had always wanted them but didnt think they would stay. i told him about lish and that there were people that knew how to work with different textures of hair out there.

well, i found the photo today, its copyrighted so i can only share the link for now (im contacting him for a copy and permission, even though its of me)... he mentioned the discussion as well, i just thought it was funny:
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