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Question from a n00b [02 Dec 2010|12:13am]
I been combing through the memories (heh, combinggggg) and I understand the processes and whatnot, but I was just wondering which is easier: combining dreads or separating them? I have been slowly dreading my hair one little baby at a time. The oldest is 2 months and the youngest is just hours. I've come to find I'm having a problem with sectioning, thus one of this methods will be inevitable, and I was just curious of which method would ease my mind more, going to thin with the promise of combining or separating dreads that get too heavy/start splitting by themselves.

I know sectioning take some planning so I'm taking it one dread at a time and seeing where it goes from there. I should have a full head by winter break :D
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three years & a bit [02 Dec 2010|06:33am]
oh hi, i bought a new camera. i'm starting to suss out its use.

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1,5 year [02 Dec 2010|09:52am]
My wife and her dreadlocks)


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delayed 2 year update [02 Dec 2010|03:22pm]
my dreads hit 2 years on October 24, but i've been really lazy the last month or so.

so here are some pictures :]

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i hope everyone is having a wonderful day! :]
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[02 Dec 2010|04:12pm]

My dreads turned two recently - at the end of November.  I also felt it was necessary to show some pictures of the lovely tube hat I ordered on Etsy from missbell.co.uk.  I absolutely adore the thing and believe it was a wise investment (as my hair no longer fits in the hats I own and winter is upon is in Upstate New York).
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8 Months :] [02 Dec 2010|04:48pm]
My new phone just came in the mail so now I bring slightly better quality photos ! My hair turned 8months around Thanksgiving & I finally got around to some documentation

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