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[03 Dec 2010|10:39am]
heyy everyone. long time no see! i don't think i've posted here since i first had dreads in 08.
wellll it's that time again for a new journey :)
this set i'm just kinda letting my hair do it's own thing and it's all been turning out
pretty neat. about mid july i stopped brushing my hair and mid august
i stopped washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner (i use dr. bronners bar soap now.)
hmm anyway here are pictures of my little dreadies in the last few months.
i don't have many from the beginning but i tried to put together as many pictures
as possible :)) and sorry they're mostly photobooth pictures it's all i got.
i need to do some work on them but grr it's so hard to see the back of my head
and none of my friends wanna help ahaha.
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I'm baaaaack [03 Dec 2010|02:22pm]
Holy Shit!

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[03 Dec 2010|08:17pm]
You guys you guys! I got my first 'SHOWER' yelled at me out a car window today as I was walking home from work! It was hilarious because I was all indignant and then was like 'OHMAN, i have to tell GUDU!' XD

Anyway, I've had a cold and splitting headache for a few days, and couldn't wear them up, even in a low loose pony because it made my head feel like it was slowly filling with poisonous gasses that would pop my skull like a balloon if i let it continue. So. down they have been. I also found out that i could fairly painlessly tie the dreads from the top of my head back with a couple more crown dreads, and it's super cute, so i'm planning to keep doing that after this damn cold/headache/whatever goes away.

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[03 Dec 2010|09:16pm]
 I am now living on Fort Lewis near Tacoma. I need my hair cleaned up and have my bangs and some dreads bleached and dyed green. Who's in Tacoma or Seattle that can help. My husband will be paying.
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[03 Dec 2010|11:50pm]
i present to you: the most ominous photo EVERCollapse )
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