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[04 Dec 2010|12:41pm]
hello everyone. i found some more pictures from the summer and halloween.
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dreads in Africa [04 Dec 2010|06:55pm]
Bonjour tout le monde,
I have a question, that I've been hesitant to verbalize with many people, although I feel like this is a seemingly appropriate platform. 
I'm about to go work in Botswana (and visits to other places), and as you can see: I have dreadlocks, and I am white. 
Where I am now (Canada), I have gotten a fair amount of comments from darker people who believe that I am in the wrong, wearing my hair in this fashion. That being said, I have had some comments in the 'good for you' realm. I also know that everyone is different, and that no one can say what every individual reaction is, but just if someone has experience with this.
Does anybody have any experience with what I should expect as a reaction to a white person with dreadlocks in Africa? 


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MASTURBATORY PIC DUMP [04 Dec 2010|08:34pm]
because i love my dreads and love showing off pictures of them. :D

So, after much* debate, I decided to wear my hair down for thanksgiving to my grandparents' house.

*hardly any, like, seriously two minutes of being like 'well, will i get more flak wearing them up or down? people will probably ask me to take them down so they can see them if i wear them up, down it is!' and that was that. :D

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ALSO ALSO ALSO, I've started my own webpage for the things I create! Come see the prototype here! I'll be adding more stuff (bracelets and hats and whatnot) as I have time!
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Longish post [04 Dec 2010|11:05pm]
Gonna get this posted before I crack my $6 bottle of wine and totally fail at LJ :) 

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