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Hey beautiful people! [09 Dec 2010|12:21am]
I posted on my blog about the new necklace I was given, and wanted to share (and pimp out my new site)! The url for those interested is www.beadedlove.weebly.com , and so this isn't just self-promotion, here's shot of my head when i went to pick up drugs at walgreens and some guy said 'nice dreadlocks!' as he was passing in the checkout line. Nothing special, but he knew they were locks!:D

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3 months [09 Dec 2010|02:14pm]
Hi there get up dread up :>
After doing a fair bit of looking back I realise my locks are only about 3 months old!
It feels like so much longer.
Anywho, doing a lock check-up with the community to see if they're developing nicely.
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