December 10th, 2010

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I tried curling my dreads a couple of days ago. I used the "strips of T-Shirt" method of wrapping them up and tying them before bed. Seriously curly! I wasn't expecting them to get so short, so this will definitely be something I do in the future when they are longer. Now for some pictures and stuff.

ETA: OH YEAH!!! I will be in Greece for three months starting in February (to late April) and then England/Ireland for about a month after that, are there any dreaded lovelies that would want to meet up in either of those places? Maybe help me with some maintenance and I'll make you some good ole' American food? Or even just meet because meeting people in other places is amazing.
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Much love, peaceful days!
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"mars needs moms"

we just got back from seeing the new narnia flick. there was a mediocre trailer for yet another CG kids movie, "mars needs moms". i'm not sure if i'm annoyed or vaguely amused that it seems all of the aliens have dreads. trailer follows:

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fairly certain i won't go see it.