December 14th, 2010


White Dots.

Hi all. Recently I've been noticing a lot of white dots in my hair. At first I thought it was dandruff/lint but upon closer inspection, it was actually little bulb type things on the ends of my hair. I have noticed this a few times before, but never to this extent. I looked through the memories a bit in the dandruff and damage sections, but all advice was talking about snipping the ends. It seems like mine must be pretty bad because sniping the ends for hours wouldn't put any kind of dent in it. Also, it seems to be mostly near the roots. Any idea whats causing this or how I could get rid of it?

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  • lishd


zy6omat1c came up with a great idea in my last post:

most obnoxious
dread-style contest!

with six prizes to be awarded!

this contest is now CLOSED. the voting post can be found here, & the winners are here!

the rules:
  • anyone who has at least one current dreadlock is eligible. temporarily pinning in a chopped set & the like is not permitted.
  • one entry per community member.
  • style must be durable enough to decently withstand normal in-home activity. you don't have to be able to skydive with it, but something that slides off your head as soon as you move or falls apart in a few minutes doesn't count.
  • all styles must be real - no fancy photoshop work or dreads held aloft by strings off-camera. you need to be able to walk around/leave the building.
  • any sort of holding devices are allowed (pins, bands, clips, pipe cleaners, whatever) but should not be the basis/centerpiece of the style. this is about DREADS styled to be obnoxious, not about ridiculous accessories.
  • be original; don't just copy a style already submitted without sincerely making it your own.

    the entry:
  • photographic four-frame walk-around (front, right, back, left) must be provided at minimum. more shots are great, but we need to at least see the basics.
  • be sure to name your creation! eke out every bit of creativity & charisma for the community to best judge your effort.
  • votes will be tallied by a poll post running from january 8th-15th. all community members, including participants, get a vote for their favorite obnoxious style.
  • the first place winner gets first choice of all prizes; second place gets to pick from the remaining prizes; & so on. there are six prizes to give out!
  • last day to enter is december 31, 2010 january 7, 2011.

    the prizes:
    from missbell53,
  • any one missbell hat free! (excludes peaked items & cabled/lace designs)
    from knottysleeves,
  • 25% off any order!
    from nopoppersforme,
  • 20% off any order!
    & these from journalface,
  • 20% off any listed item or 10% off a custom item! (excludes dread extensions)
  • 10% off any listed item! (excludes dread extensions)
  • 5% off any listed item! (excludes dread extensions)

    that's it! comment to this post with your entry & maybe you'll pick up some infamy alongside a sweet discount on some community-made goods. :D