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[16 Dec 2010|09:23am]
So I know I just posted, but last night I had my first dreadmare!
ahhh It was so scary!
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Hind sight is 20/20 [16 Dec 2010|09:12pm]
When my locks were young and fuzzy, I often felt awkward.

I tried to cover them with a hat.
I tried to palmroll them willfully into something tighter and more "presentable."
I tried anything I could think of to help speed them along on their journey to what I perceived as
glorious, round, dense, snakey, non-fuzzy, non-awkward maturity.

When my locks reached a year in age, I had to brush them out.
Long story, sensitive scalp, hard decision. I'll try again someday.

For now, what I want to share with you is this:
Looking back at photos of my "awkward" babies, I now see they weren't awkward at all.
They were pretty. They were wild. They were alive, growing, and changing.
They were beautiful.

I wish I'd seen that then.

For those of you who might be stressing over your fuzzy stage, take heart.
I promise your hair really does look freaking awesome. :)

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