December 17th, 2010


"Excuse me ladies"

Psst, this post is not for the ladies..
OK, I guess you can answer, but really...I'm talking to the guys.

So I am rapidly approaching 2 years on the dreads, and it ain't looking too bad.
But I swear to baby jesus riding a T-Rex, the last few weeks I keep having the strangest thing happen.

We (thunderbiscuit  and I) will be out eating, or in a restaurant about to eat, the waiter comes up and says 
"How are you ladies doing tonight?"  Moves around to the front sees me in all of my facial haired glory and goes "OH MY I'M SORRY!"

Now I don't think i look like a woman from the back, but it KEEPS happening.
It so bad the last time I worked out I was looking at my  back and shoulders in the mirror saying
"Come on, those are MAN shoulders dammit!"
I then ninja flipped out of the gym because that how I roll, don't question it, accept it.

This happening to you guys?
Is there another man getting confused as a lady, man?
Oddly enough, no waitress has done this yet, only guys/waiters...
To combat this I have decided to start riding a bear into the restaurant and then punch a lion while I eat to show how overly manly I am.
And if he calls me a lady then, my epic bear mount will attack him.

what's even more odd is a while back when we went to a drive thru and she ordered they would always call her sir. But they couldn't see her and i'm sure acoustics on a drive thru mic are horrible. But they can SEE me and still do that.

Its pretty funny to us and we laugh about it when it happens. But I wanted to know is this gender confusing due to hair happening to anybody else out there???

hello everyone !

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I'm glad I've stumbled upon GUDU!
It's been twice as helpful having that memories section at whim when I freaked out or wanted to combine a dread.

Recently I've stopped caring about my loose hair. its too much of a hassle, so I rock fuzzy feral cat head all the time. I dont mind it, it feels liberating to let my hair do what it wants. I do think that a major maintenance session is in the near future.

love and light.