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just a quickie [20 Dec 2010|01:42pm]
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The mane [20 Dec 2010|01:49pm]
I said I'd remove my extensions long ago, but I have been using the artificial length as a crutch for a long time. It's not easy to give that up.

Anyway, they're gone now, and now I feel like a fluffy-headed lion. Eh.

They're just over a year old now and are quite tight in some spots, completely loose in others. C'est la vie, oui?
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CRY FOR HELP. [20 Dec 2010|10:17pm]
 I did this last year too... with much luck! Fellow dreadlocked folks, this spring, I aspire to once again make it to the NCECA conference (The National Conference For The Education Of The Ceramic Arts). Last year it was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and this year it's in Tampa, Florida. I'm posting because like last year, if I have any hope of going at all, I'm going to need a place to crash for a few days fo fweeee. Last year I stayed with the lovely inspector8ball  and it was quite pleasant. I'm looking for fellow dreadies in Tampa who might be willing to put me up for a few days in the spring... I believe the conference is the same week as Spring break which means that all hotels in the area are probably full already... X.X 

All I ask is a place to put my tired body when each day of walking around to galleries and sight seeing is done. Preferably someplace near the Tampa Convention Center.... The dates of the conference are from March 30th to April 2nd 2011......

ANYONE who might be willing to help me out would be the greatest human being of all time... basically. I've tried couchsurfing.com  so many times, and it never seems to work out for me for some reason. So I turn to you my fellow dreadies. 

And just so I'm following the rules... here's a picture of me in my studio space at school =D

Stay classy San diego! <3
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[20 Dec 2010|11:07pm]
just wanted to post a few pics. My dreads have a fadded and i've got a new tattoo. This brings me much joy... well the tattoo does :D oh and our christmas tree make me happy as well!!
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