December 22nd, 2010



Yesterday was my 7 month dreadiversary, so I took some pictures.

I am actually rather giddy because they're looking pretty good and I was not expecting for them to do so at all when I first started them. The sweet crunchy joy!

So here are some pictures of my hair. I hope you like them.

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Ain't That The Truth.

I don't usually post videos but this one told all the sweet GUDU knowledge.

I would've preferred a bit more diversity in the video but regardless the info is spot-on. As for me, I'm wildly overdue for an update. Post coming soon.

Happy solstice and holidays, GUDU.

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I just moved from the village where i lived for about 4 years, too the city ( im living in the Netherlands )im really happy with the huge park that is close by ! made some picture's overthere while i was walking with my doggy<3 ^^

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