December 26th, 2010

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oh hey! it's once again time to make reference back to this post, for it is once again gorthok's & my anniversary!

we're celebrating our fourth today, so i made another webcam pic montage, just like years past.

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i'll soon have a post up in my own lj on the rest of our events today, but i'm sure that was enough adorableness for now. :)

Attacked in the street

hi last month i was attacked in the street for having dreadlocks by A turkish barber.
  He just came out of his shop and first of all came up behind me and tried to clipper off my dreads at the back. then when i told him to piss off and he figured out i wasnt going to let that happen attacked me with 3 of his friends puttin my friend in hospital and breaking my phone in the scuffle

Has anyone else been violently attacked like this