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I'ma back from the dread.... mwaahahahahaha!! [27 Dec 2010|06:49pm]
Long time no see! I am not sure if anyone will remember me or not to be honest, but I first started posting in GUDU back in summer 2008. I kinda hid for the last year, but with
good intentions. I was crazy busy with getting married and having a baby!

My babies are about 2 years & 4 months and doing lovely. They aren't long and skinny anymore! BUT pregnancy sure gave them some length which I loved.

Pictures overload, so be prepared! :)
A couple weeks old

Come on in!Collapse )
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today is [27 Dec 2010|11:53pm]
three years of dreadlocks!
About a month ago I cut off maybe four inches worth of hair. I'm thinking about cutting off more sometime soon - I need a change!
Also I should probably give a proper update sometime...

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