December 28th, 2010

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This has probly already been asked here, so I'll probly take this thread down later. Apologies if it has in fact been asked a billion times before! I scanned through the mems' and couldn't find anything at first glance, and don't have more then 10 seconds to sit at the comp right now.

I work at a hostel and [though we are top rated and do constant maintenance to avoid the problems] we've been exposed to bed bugs. The reason I can't even thoroughly scan online for info is I'm in the process of taking apart a dozen bunk beds etc etc etc.

Do beg bugs like dreads? How can I treat my dreads to make sure I'm not infested with them? I can't afford to buy a bunch of products [oils, lalala] and am hoping I can get away with just doing an apple cider vinegar soak or somesuch... any recommendations? What's the words, hummingbirds?

Last week of 2010.

I thought I would put on my party sweater to celebrate the start of a new year not only with dreadlocks, but the actual start of a new year!
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I hope everyone has a safe and happy new years.
Don't do anything I would not do. ;)

I wish you all peaceful journeys.
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So about a few days ago, it was my good friend Annas birthday. It was super nice to see her because we live so far apart now, like we're talking.. from city range Cleveland, OH and then all the way to where mountain climates are in Athens, OH. so plans first were to go sledding.. that didnt end up too great. car ended up dying.. so we drove back to her mothers for dinner.. so many splendid vegetarian Russian dishes! we then all proceeded on drinking too much wine and going to the bar after cake and such. heres a few photos from Cwismas too. enjoy!
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happy holidays be safe!
lovee y'all!