December 29th, 2010

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Six months. As my Nana said, "Wow. Time flies, doesn't it?" Indeed it does, Nana. Indeed it does.

Dreads are started to actually resemble dreads visually and not just by touch. Mostly feel like they've stayed the same in length, though I'm sure they've shortened some. My hair still touches my shoulders in places, but it's more the loose tips and not the brunt of my hair (if that makes sense).

In honor of reaching 6 months I decided to do my first ever deep clean. I scoured the memories and finally decided on this recipe/method for a few different reasons. Andrew's and my sleep schedule is officially off its rocker; we got up at 7 PM Tuesday evening and I was going with the female in-laws to eat at 10:30 am today, so I decided to stay up. I figured a deep clean would take up time while being activity enough to keep me awake, and decided on the pouring method instead of soaking my head in a bowl to save time (? don't honestly know if it saved time, after all, but whatevs).

Also, somehow... graham cracker crumbs in my hair [?!?]. My hubby noticed them after Christmas (maybe the next day?). I know where they came from (ma-in-law makes a dessert she calls Yum-Yum that's basically a variant of 4-Layer Pie, including graham cracker crumb crust [WOO, say that 3X's fast!]) but I don't know how they managed to get on top of my head.

Moving on.

Following are some photos from Thanksgiving, as well as this month, and my take on the recipe posted 2 years ago by numbpill.

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I hope you all had a merry Christmas (or whatever you may celebrate) and pray you have blessed New Year! Happy 2011!

ETA: After submitting this, Andrew and I started watching Modify, a documentary about body modification. Some of you may have already seen it, or may know all there is to know, but I find it very informative. When I was in 12th grade I wrote a research paper about body mods, and while I'll never be as into it as some on this community are, it is extremely intriguing. Hope you guys enjoy (be warned, it's highly graphic).
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