January 2nd, 2011

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6 Months!

This is going to be very picture heavy. My dreads will be 6 months old on the 4th, and I swear I love them more every day. And they're growing so fast; I'm still waiting for the shrinkage to strike!
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Spliff and Jill need your help!


In July there was a terrible car accident involving Spliff and his pregnant wife Jill. While most of the people in the crash are ok (now, at least) Arwen AKA Spliff is still in the ICU. Although they are from NYC, they have been stuck in Texas since the accident. Jill is now 7 months pregnant and they have an opportunity to get Arwen into a facility in NYC where he can have better medical care and a larger support group to help Jill with the baby.

HOWEVER once a bed opens up in this facility, they will only have 4 days to get Arwen to NY before they give his spot to someone else. Originally they had planned to use long distance ground transport, but due to his low immune system that isn't possible and they must fly instead. Medical air transportation is around $20,000.

Spliff and Jill are extremely important members of the suspension and body modification community. Aside from their impact on the Mod world, they are amazing people who need your help.

If you can donate ANYTHING it helps. Even if you can't but you tell someone who CAN, it helps.

There is more information, a place to donate and a letter from Jill on their website:

Disgraceland Family Hook Squad

This means a lot to me as DHS is very close to my heart. Although Spliff, Jill and I were never close, we were friendly and many of the people I care about consider them family. Any support is extremely appreciated.

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(no subject)

So, does GUDU have twitter? If so, where am I missing this? If not, why the heck not! I've had twitter since Twitter started. I used the name @yourmom cause I couldn't think of anything else to use. Welp.. Twitter got huge and so did my twitter name. D8 All the jokes and dumb comments about @yourmom.. I hated twitter! The 2 weeks ago I made a personal one for me. For friends. While I was at work to fool around with. I've learned more about it and love it. I often wish GUDU was on twitter and posted. And let me post @it and be Internet friends forever.

I digress. I was just curious.

And just to not be complete undread related. A dread 'stache link: http://twitpic.com/3m87mc

Hope you all had a great new year. Off to work with me. x.x
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lish's collection.

you guys have been asking for years to see my dreads collection. to kick off 2011, i've decided to finally photograph it for you.

most people sent one, others sent several or a bagful. a few sent their entire set. there are hard, mature locks & squishy babies. long congos with multiple tips, & short pieces that were just trimmed tips. bleached & dyed, natural & sun-bleached. crazy loops & perfectly smooth locks. there are bare dreads & decorated dreads: rings, beads, wraps, & threadlocks. they were backcombed, ripped & twisted, permed, ignored until the knots came by themselves; some contain old wax & some were overworked until they broke off. there are dreads from people whose faces i've never seen, & dreads from people i've seen naked. dreads i've done maintenance on & dreads i originally started years before. dreads i cut off of myself & others. some whose owners have left lj forever, & some who will recognize theirs from this post. they've come from around the world, have visited innumerable places; have provided warmth, comfort, frustration, pride, a sense of belonging, a sense of outcast, a sense of freedom. & all in my collection are tagged, cared for, & appreciated.

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the tags have the owner's full name & lj; they've all been obscured for these pics. as per the first pic, my dreads are the bag of blonde tips at the top left (first set, trimmed 10-99), the full set (undercut) at the bottom left (first set, cut 11-01), & the full red set (dreadhawk) at the far right middle (second set, cut 11-06). feel free to call yours out if you'd like to. the rest belong to livejournal users: alaskadanielle, astroboy009, attack_monkey, autumnhawk, beautifulmithra, candieass1005, dali_drama, dreadcookie, dreadieworld, dreadtemujin, dudeyrgetinadel, dusk_phaere, epf, gfnesselrode, gorthok, ilikedrooling, insidedown, jennyherself, juliemaru, kaikea, kawaiinose, kikkomato, kittypoop, libee, linasfyre, littleskittles, meowkat, moon_bird, names0fthedead's boyfriend, nocreamcorn, ohsohumpy, omdreads, rastaldread, ravencreature, robinhoodvandal, ruthlessbabe, sloppykristen, starwind95, tambis, thecatdoesdrugs, thewall_ofabbq, tweedlezee, tweedlezee's boyfriend, xseaxgypsyx, xsourkittenx; & others: amber r., beth s., bree s., sarah s.

my apologies to those currently in the mail who didn't make it into these pics; there will be more.

i'll end on this, my favorite note received with a lock, from ruthlessbabe:
Enclosed, you will find a dreadlock.
Enclosed in this lock, you will find the dust of Africa, salt
of the Bermuda Triangle, copious amounts of sweat residue,
cat hair + spilt beer.
So take this lock, 4 years + 5 months of samples from the life
of Ruth, and do what you will with it.
It may just be hair, but it has picked up the tiniest bits
of my life + carried them around with me.


Five weeks + HATS :D

I should have updated last monday, or sunday even, and even though they're now almost six weeks, I'm gonna label this as five weeks >_>.
But anyway, I've recently been trying my hand at crocheting, so I'm gonna show a couple of the hats I made, most of them are super rushed, because I'm an impatient douche, but some of them do look okay to me~

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Uhm, I honestly didn't mean to have this many photos to upload, but... I likes me hats :P