January 3rd, 2011

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I introduced my dreads a little while ago, now I s'ppose I'll introduce myself a bit. Especially considering my dreads and I aren't speaking right now - the loose hairs have formed this 2 inch tall halo on my head. They're in time-out under a beanie most of the time nowadays. Alas.

Anyway, New Years and life and kitten (and dread, of course) pictures behind the cut.

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Six month dreads! (SO. MANY. PICTURES.)

So on Christmas Eve my dreads turned six months old, and I'm finally getting around to posting a bunch of pics!

I created them myself through backcombing and crocheting, used no products other than a little aloe to speed the backcombing, and have somewhere between 68 and 75 dreads. It's amazing to see what they were in June and how they are now side by side. I didn't think there'd be such a difference in just six months!

Here's what they were at the beginning

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so i'm pretty frustrated right now with some random girls on tumblr.
they are saying because i am able to brush out my dreads right now that they aren't actually dreads.

i brushed one out today because it was forming all weird and i'm just gonna let it do it's thing again. we'll see how it goesss. anyway, i have some pictures from the end of december and from today :)

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