January 5th, 2011

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EDIT: ***This, is Hippiejew. I'm a fan of hers on YT and that's about it. I'm passing on the awesome comments via link to this thread, but you guys should know that this isn't me. Sorry for the confusion.***

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hi :)
just posting some pics that were taken at christmas.
and also, wishing everyone a happy 2011.
one year closer to when i will cut my dreads... i told myself 7 years, and they started in 2005.
so soon... i don't know if i'll keep this decision, but i am also looking forward to do some crazy different things with my hair.
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First loops and first post

 Hi GUDU! I've been lurking for quite some time around here and I'm really excited to finally post something. :) 

I'm currently on my 4th set of dreadlocks and this set is just over a month in. So fear not, I have no annoying n00b questions. I started this set with backcoming and crochet, and now I'm letting my hair do whatever it pleases. The only maintenance I do is keeping them separate.

I suppose you want a photo now. I guess I can comply.

Behold! My very first loops. They appeared the day after my dreads turned 1 month.
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