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Six week timeline [08 Jan 2011|01:02am]
I got SUPER bored tonight while my friend was doing cataclysm heroics. Sadly I couldn't participate because since the expansion my computer can't support WoW. Oh gods I want my new graphics card to show up *squirms*
So I made a crappy little video.
I'll put it behind a cut for good measure.Collapse )
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GUDU CONTEST - VOTING POST! [08 Jan 2011|11:05am]
(this is lishd's upgraded account for poll posting.)

ok guys, the contest is closed & it's time to choose the winners!

it's just one vote per member, so be sure to look carefully at all the entries before you decide. i've listed everyone alphabetically by username with one reminder pic - the "link" will take you to their thread to see the rest of their pics again.


voting ends january 15th, at which point i'll post again to announce the winners. good luck, everyone!
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